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Time Frame
Annual Cash Flow Statement
Period Ended12/31/1712/31/1612/31/1512/31/1412/31/13
In millions of USD
(except for per share items)
Net Income / Starting Line159.1757.48109.61200.02148.30
Depreciation / Depletion203.72141.6583.0873.0260.56
Deferred Taxes-.8919.5037.3646.1126.96
Unusual Items31.32-21.7522.55-74.646.75
Other Non-Cash Items84.3393.7938.3445.9329.63
Non-Cash Items115.6672.0460.89-28.7036.38
Accounts Receivable-542.02-436.07199.7255.88-194.42
Other Assets.50-63.73-17.65-16.92-55.44
Accounts Payable182.7765.57-45.30-37.30-15.13
Accrued Expenses-2.38-1.049.0329.2625.50
Taxes Payable11.51-14.6110.69-21.777.59
Other Liabilities4.908.09-2.32-3.19-.74
Changes in Working Capital-344.71-441.80154.165.96-232.65
Cash from Operating Activities132.95-151.13445.10296.4139.55
Purchase of Fixed Assets-79.28-61.80-63.49-58.13-39.46
Purchase / Acquisition of Intangibles.00-4.00.00----
Capital Expenditures-79.28-65.80-63.49-58.13-39.46
Acquisition of Business-114.28-1,089.28-80.68-891.73-11.28
Sale of Business29.90.0017.2748.32--
Sale / Maturity of Investment.
Purchase of Investments-.47-5.85-.35-2.84-1.80
Other Investing Cash Flow Items, Total-84.23-1,094.64-63.17-845.90-11.89
Cash from Investing Activities-163.50-1,160.44-126.66-904.03-51.34
Other Financing Cash Flow240.59248.96-153.15-63.73142.70
Financing Cash Flow Items240.59248.96-153.15-63.73142.70
Repurchase / Retirement of Common.00.00-22.01-19.77-17.91
Common Stock, Net-9.53-2.20-24.40-25.47-29.13
Options Exercised.
Issuance (Retirement) of Stock, Net-8.79-1.90-24.37-25.24-27.45
Short Term Debt, Net------.00--
Long Term Debt Issued4,367.175,148.732,203.032,519.74700.00
Long Term Debt Reduction-4,273.99-4,183.37-2,429.62-2,112.82-636.00
Long Term Debt, Net127.59969.02-142.02615.6764.00
Issuance (Retirement) of Debt, Net127.59969.02-142.02615.6764.00
Cash from Financing Activities359.391,216.08-319.54526.71179.24
Foreign Exchange Effects-11.696.43-3.684.19-3.63
Net Change in Cash317.14-89.06-4.77-76.72163.82
Net Cash - Beginning Balance190.93279.99284.76361.49197.66
Net Cash - Ending Balance508.07190.93279.99284.76361.49
Cash Interest Paid128.89116.2749.0340.2923.65
Cash Taxes Paid6.6823.9527.1975.2648.87
Data Provided by Thomson Reuters

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